Harry Lynn, Barber at Chaps & Co Marina branch answers some questions on the Moustache.

Who suits a moustache?

The moustache is a very masculine look and will suit most men that take time over their appearance as it needs to be well maintained. Generally having a ‘tache is looked at as a mature choice of style as it complements the more classic and iconic traditional hairstyles such as: the quiff, side part, pompador or slick back look.

What are your top tips for growing a moustache?

Growing facial hair is all about maintenance. Unfortunately, facial hair grows in different directions so it is more about keeping it in shape rather than keeping it all at one length. Moustache wax/ balms are excellent when growing a ‘tache to keep things in place!

You also need to make sure you look after the skin underneath the tache area as it can easily dry out and will slow down the growth of the hair above. Do this by shampoo and conditioning when washing and also use a moisturiser on the area around the moustache.

Most importantly be realistic about the time it will take to grow the moustache. You have to go through the itchy stage and at some points it may not look to great whilst growing. Just be persistent until it is the length you desire.

When should someone come to see their barber?

Whether it’s a beard trim, haircut or hot towel shave. Keeping yourself well groomed will mean visiting your barber regularly. Dependant on the look you go for will alter the time between visits to your barber.

Typically those that have a longer scissor trim will visit their barber once every 4 to 6 weeks. A more close cut with clipper work and styling should be maintained with your barber atleast every 3 to 4 weeks. Or for those that like it to look a consistent length should visit every 2 weeks. With modern barbering, skin fades have become very popular and to keep that short sharp look you should visit your barber every 7-10 days.

When it comes to maintaining your beard or ‘tache you should visit your barber between every 10-14 days. As i said previously it is about maintaining the shape so don’t attempt trimming it yourself.

Tell us about the Different shapes of moustache?

There are many different shapes of moustache. The more popular ones being the handle bar, pencil and commander/imperial ‘tache. Dependant on the length of your moustache you can make different shapes with it using a wax. I personally prefer the small moustache shapes if you don’t have the beard to go with it!

What is the best way to style a moustache?

Dependant on the length of the moustache will change how you go about styling it, if you want to keep in short then a simple moustache balm will keep it in place and control any hairs that want to stick out in different directions. A small fine tooth comb will allow you to get all of the hairs with this. If you are having your moustache longer and twiddling the ends up then blow drying it will really help. Using a strong ‘tache wax should hold it in place but Sometimes I spray a little hair spray aswel to make sure the hold lasts all day. Another tip is to brush it everyday from the centre to the left and from the centre to the right this will help you separate the hairs into their proper direction.

Name some things you should have in your moustache kit?

Beard shampoo and conditioner to keep it healthy and clean of any food that mat have got caught in there!

A fine tooth comb to brush it with as you can really get all the hairs with this rather than a bigger brush.

Moustache wax to keep those bigger beard styles in place.

Moisturiser to stop the skin underneath the hair from getting dry. Otherwise it will become itchy and uncomfortable.

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