Hair wax offers some spectacular results when it comes to styling hair. Over the last twenty years, various types of waxes and creams have emerged that changed the game completely.

Gone are the days of a pot of hair gel for all jobs. The male grooming industry now offers an array of premium products to get your pompadour poppin’.

Hold me Tight

There are plenty of considerations to be made when choosing the top product for the job. With a market now saturated with creams, waxes, powders, pastes, pomades, clays and glues, you need to know what you’re looking for.

Different products will provide different holds, the viscosity of a wax is usually a good measure of its sticking power. Additionally, there are different finishes, whilst a wax may leave a more natural look in its hold, some pomades can leave a slicker, wet look finish.

  • Dry waxes provide one of the best holds and are great to mould.
  • Pastes tend to be a little wetter than waxes with a looser grip, they’re perfect for restyling through the day.
  • Creams offer a little less control, probably the mildest of the bunch, they’re best used for messier, looser looks.
  • Pomades split down into water and oil based. Water-based pomades dry in the hair and are easier to remove. The oil-based pomades provide the wet look, they offer flexibility throughout the day but are a little more difficult to remove.
  • Clays are best for a tight hold. If you are looking for an all-day hold, with a matte finish, clay is the way.
  • Styling Powders are a relatively new product. The perfect pre-styler, you can add the styling powder to dry hair starting at the routes and working through adding hold as you go.

Application Station

As with most things in life, if you don’t apply it correctly, you’ll end up with bad results. All hair is pretty much individual, so the results will always depend on your hair type and obviously the product you’re applying.

The top bit of advice is, start small, and this goes for all products. If you put too much product on, you will have more difficulty removing it than if you have too little and need more.

With a wax, you’ll need to warm it, same with the clay. Use a little in the palm of your hand and work it in slowly.

The best practice with most products, is to work from the underneath out to the top. This way you’ll retain volume and get the best shape.

If you need more hold, reach for the hairspray. Sparingly used, hairspray will perfectly compliment any of the afore mentioned products without ruining the look.

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