Nothing spells regret like walking out of the barbershop with a great cut but not the one you expected. But just because you’re not chopping your own locks doesn’t mean you can’t maximize your chances of getting exactly what you wanted. You can (and should) strategize before your next trip.
*Trust us—an action plan before is much better than after when it comes to taking a blade to your mane. Read on for three ways to set yourself up for the perfect cut

1. Bring a Reference (or Two)

Don’t be afraid of bringing a photo along of your favorite hair model celebrity. An example is the best way to articulate to your stylist (and yourself) what you’re looking for in a cut. “Clients always apologize, thinking that it’ll somehow offend us or limit our creativity but in reality, it’s a more efficient way to communicate a vision and it allows the barber to ‘get down to business,’

2. Have Realistic Expectations

Even the best barber can’t whip up a David Beckham mane out of thin air. Your cut goals should stay within reason. “A good barber will know how to adapt a style to your face and your hair type, but you have to respect reality. If you have thinning hair, a barber can create the impression of fullness and provide products to fatten up your locks, but you aren’t going to leave with more hair than you came in with.

3. Ask Questions—and Take Notes

Men always complain about not being able to recreate the look they got from the barber when they try it themselves. There’s a simple solution to this—pay attention during your cut. If anyone’s an expert on your hair, it’s your barber. Take note of what products or heat tools they use, and ask about their process and at-home tips.

Source: Esquire Magazine 2017