A question we’re asked time and time again is, ‘how often should I be washing my hair?’ The answer is to be found up top, on your own head. We all have different hair, different scalps, different lives. For that reason, there isn’t just one answer. Its going to depend on your hair and on your personal circumstances.

Of course, everybody can certainly wash their hair too much or too little. So, let’s get into the nitty gritty of it and see what works best for you.

To Clean, or Not to Clean?

That is the question! Washing too often will leave your hair short on its natural oils. Sebum, the oil your follicles naturally produce, works to keep hair healthy, protected and from drying out. If you wash your hair too often, and we’re talking about with shampoo, you risk removing the oils essential to its good health.

When your hair is left too dry, too often it can become brittle and damaged as well as your hair left looking dull and flat. Dry hair often indicates a dry scalp as well, which will result in dandruff. Over-washed, dry hair is particularly bad for those with longer hair.

Not washing often enough will, unsurprisingly leave your hair quite the opposite. Allowing the oils to build up will leave hair greasy. It also allows for yeast to build up on the scalp which again leaves you prone to dandruff but also potentially smelly.

Naturally Dry/Oily

Your washing routine should ultimately fall as to the natural condition of your hair. If your hair is naturally oily, you won’t need to worry about drying it out. Washing every other day should suit.

Naturally dry hair, which tends to be thicker can be washed every three days, or twice a week. Thick hair does also tend to stay cleaner for longer. This is also a good routine for a dry scalp.

Fair or thin hair lets more dirt through to the scalp is it is less dense. If this is the case, washing every other day is recommended.

What About the Swimmers and Gym Goers?

If you’re a regular swimmer or gym goer, water and showers may be unavoidable. For swimmers, you can find oils to use on your hair before swimming to protect it against the chlorine. For those in the gym, or even hot climates, rinsing the sweat out with just water should suffice.

Rinsing with water is always a safe bet. Shampoos can be abrasive and by dropping them from your routine once or twice a week, you may find your hair becomes happier.

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