If you haven’t experienced the wonderous sensations of a hot towel shave by 2021, you’re either 14 years old or have been living under a rock.

This age-old technique has many, many benefits. For a start, it’s one less shave that you have to co-ordinate yourself. Men spend, on average, 3000 hours of their lives shaving. That is a third of a year. A third of a year that you could have been brushing up on your FIFA skills, amirite?

The hot towel shave incorporates a hot towel (well, duh), a cut-throat razor and usually finishes with a cold towel straight from the fridge. Some benefits may seem obvious, others not so.


Top of the list for us, is the soothing effects of the hot towel. The hot, damp towel soothes your skin combatting any irritation both before and after the shave. This also helps prevent any itching or burning and is great for combatting those pesky ingrowing hairs.

The heat relaxes the skin allowing it to become supple, soft and ready for the razor. Firm and rigid skin creates friction and that’s where skin often becomes irritated. Another advantage is that the hair itself becomes softer, again reducing friction minimising the chance of razor burn.

Opening Your Pores

As the hot towel sits around your face, your pores open. This exposes more of the follicle and allows the razor to shave closer whilst also reducing razor burn.  Your pores are stores for natural oil that protects and nourishes your hair. By opening the pores these natural oils to get to work softening the hair, further reducing the risk of irritation.

Whilst these pores are open, the hot water vapours clean inside leaving your skin healthier. At the end of the shave, you’ll find a cold towel applied. These are often soaked with anti-septic lotion and water working as a post-shave splash. As well as feeling the ultimate in refreshment, the cold towel closes up the pores returning your skin to its natural state and minimising any risk of infection.

The Closest Shave

As we mentioned, through further exposure of the follicles, the hot towel shave gets closer than traditional methods. This means smoother skin, for longer. Although you might be missing out on crucial FIFA skills, you’ll add an extra day between then and your next shave, so equilibrium may be resorted.

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Have a great week, and remember to #KeepItHandsome