As things slowly return to what has been labelled “the new norm”, barbers the world over have been addressing the messes you all made of your own heads during lockdown. Although an already sterile environment for the most part, hair salons and barbershops still needed to make a few adjustments to accommodate customers safely.

Here at Chaps & Co we’ll be continuing with extra cleaning, masks and limited numbers in our shops. Dependent on where in the world you’re reading this, your local barbers could still be closed, or it may be open, unrestricted. Globally, we’re all at different stages but the virus is still out there, so best to keep on your toes.

Plans Halted

For Chaps & Co, the pandemic disrupted our plans to take over the world quite drastically. We had hopes of complete world domination by 2022, unfortunately that’s been put back to 2023. Our New York branch has been drastically set back, and Caesars Palace had a short-lived run before it became no more than a space for training.

Making the most of the bad situation did cushion the blow for us somewhat, and we’re back packing more skill and experience than ever before. Caesars Palace is now back up and running as we’d envisioned, and you can read about that in more detail here. As for New York, we’re getting mighty close to the big opening and we couldn’t be more excited.

The Rest of the World

As lockdowns have been eased, many rushed to the barbers to have a professional correct the shames of the home haircut. For others, a trip to the barbers still has not been possible, through restrictions or even personal anxieties about public spaces.

Globally, for every barber that has ceased trading due to the pandemic, a new barbering business has emerged. Bouncing back stronger is always good news, and the fresh blood keeps the industry both competitive and creative.

Onwards and Upwards

Getting through this last year has been testing for many of us to say the least. The old adage what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger springs to mind, and we’re still here striving for that world domination.

With life getting back on track, do spare a thought for your local barber and remember that they’ll be doing all they can for your safety. We love your heads just as much as you do.

For further info on what to expect at our shops in combatting COVID, you can read more here. To book yourself in you can choose a location here.