The most important month in the Islamic calendar has just begun. With public sector workers across the region offered a two-hour grace on their working day during the holy month, jus the resulting drop in traffic alone brings a calming effect to the streets.

The markets are notably quieter, restaurants and cafes relish an ability to take a breather from the relentless hustle and bustle, although only until the sun goes down. Once the beaming globe of hot lava dips over the horizon, the traffic soon picks up, restaurants are packed as the fast is broken and Iftar begins.

The recent years have seen the restrictions during Ramadan eased in Dubai for non-fasters. As a popular destination for tourists, the city must cater for people of many different faiths. Here at Chaps & Co, for our staff observing their cultural traditions, we always go to extra lengths to accommodate their will.

Eid ul-Fitr

As the holy month comes to an end, Eid ul-Fitr begins, a national holiday and this year the start of a three-day weekend. This is a time of celebration, meetings with family and friends, exchanges of gifts and food. The city descends into flamboyant festivity as its Muslim population dress to impress. Undoubtedly the busiest three to five days at our barbershops, as part of the tradition is to be well groomed for the public holiday.

After attending communal prayers and Khubta (sermons), the time has come to visit the theme parks, beaches, cinemas, concerts and performances all in celebration of Eid ul-Fitr.

All though Chaps & Co remain open throughout the holy month, we’re as accommodating as ever.

As the holy month comes to an end, we will be extending working hours long into the night, some branches closing at 2am. Keep an eye out for updates as we approach an end to the holy month. You can pick a location by clicking here.

Ramadan Kereem! To our Muslim followers, friends, Chaps Team and families.