With the world finding new safer ways to work, barbershops have not been saved from the clutches of COVID-19. With masks and shields in place, its back to business for the large majority of us, with a few minor changes to reduce the chance of spreading the virus.

Haircuts are an essential part of many people’s routines. What we’ve learnt of the last few months, judging by the Instagram and Facebook posts we’ve seen with the hashtag #lockdownhaircut and #DIYBarber, is that it is most definitely best left to us professionals. No offence Chaps, but we wouldn’t trust the majority of you to cut a cake.

Now the professionals are back, we thought we’d do a quick Chaps & Co global tour and see what barbershops around the world have been doing to look after you, the cherished customer.

In Spain and Germany, the measures introduced effect everything from booking, to numbers in the shop to the chatter in the chair.

German law now requires the customer to wash their hands upon entering the salon with both barber and customer wearing masks. There are obvious social distance requirements of 1.5m but also, there are rules around loose chat. If you wish to discuss styles, you must do this through the mirror and keep small talk to a minimum.

Almost all barbers worldwide will now be seeing people via appointment only. This helps you manage the amount of people present at any one time, and if there is an outbreak linked in some way to a customer or employee, it presents a manageable route of contact for anyone potentially infected.

In France, they had one of the tightest Lockdowns in the world. Hairdressers and Barbers have been open again since May, although it is strictly appointment only and the premises must have hand sanitiser available with customer wearing their own facemask.

In the UK it was advised that barbers and stylists should wear face visors throughout their appointments although masks are not being enforced.

Here at Chaps & Co we’ll be adhering to new disinfecting guidelines that means the shops are sanitised and cleaned thoroughly in between each appointment. This includes all equipment, chairs and counters.

All our staff will be wearing appropriate PPE such as gloves and masks. Hands and workstations will also be cleaned in between each appointment. Each team member will also have their temperature checked before each shift with a non-contact thermometer.

As with most other salons and barbershops we’ll only be seeing people by appointment and will be reducing the numbers of people in the shop.

As frustrating a time as this is, we’ve found all our customers to be more than accommodating thus far, and we’d like to give you all a big thanks for sticking with us through these difficult times.

If you’re unsure about any of our measure or procedures you can read in more detail here, or get in touch here.

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